Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free Report: The State of Social Media

Free Report: The State of Social Media:

the state of social media cover image

Starting with The State of the Social Media: First Edition, Compete will be releasing a white paper series covering your favorite marketing channels including search, social, and email. Marketing is a fast-paced industry and consumer behavior is anything but stagnant. Your knowledge of your potential customers should also be dynamic.

For this first installment, we’ll showcase insights gleaned from Compete PRO data to illustrate how your potential customers are using their favorite social media sites. At this point in the game, very few marketers need to be convinced of the value of social media and connecting with consumers on their own terms. So what’s next? How do you ensure that your social media efforts are as effective as possible? Like any traditional marketing channel, the answers are in the data.

One of the most important parts of understanding how social media should fit into your marketing strategy is through learning about consumer behavior. In this report, we take a look at the numbers and analyze shifts in behavior as it pertains to the most significant social networking sites for marketers – Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

When you download this report you’ll learn how to:

  • Better interact with Facebook fans, garner traffic, cultivate new customers, and engage with existing ones

  • Analyze the data to see that Google+ is changing the face of social media through search capabilities

  • Take advantage of search referral data to more effectively communicate with prospects and customers via LinkedIn

  • Produce content with maximum Twitter staying power

You can download the free report here!