Wednesday, October 31, 2012


In 1958, with Don Robey’s record company stock on the rise, he formulated a touring review from his biggest R&B stars. The review was known as "Blues Consolidated" and the headliners were invariably Bobby "Blue" Bland and Herman "Little Junior" Parker. Bobby "Blue" Bland had started as a valet and PA to Parker and other Memphis Bluesmen in the late 1940s, but rapidly became a star performer, scoring hit after hit well into the 1980s, many of his records being much covered blues classics. Little Junior Parker is another blues and oddly, Rockabilly legend, whose "Mystery Train" did much to make Elvis what he became... working with such figures as Sam Phillips and Ike Turner, Little Junior Parker had a string of increasingly larger hits right through until 1969, when his new label Capitol started cutting him on ill-advised Beatles covers. But the tough 'Drownin' On Dry Land' deservedly gave him his last R&B chart success in early 1971 which sadly was the same year as his death. It would be thirty years later that he would be honoured by finally being inducted into The Blues Hall Of Fame. Both Hall Of Famer's, both amazing performers, both at the bedrock of the music we know and love today... how can you resist! (Cherry Red)
1. No Blow, No Show - Bobby "Blue" Bland 2. I.O.U. Blues - Bobby "Blue" Bland 3. Lovin' Blues - Bobby "Blue" Bland 4. Wise Man Blues - Bobbly "Blue" Bland 5. Army Blues - Bobby "Blue" Bland 6. Please Baby Blues - Little Junior Parker 7. Dirty Friend Blues - Little Junior Parker 8. Can't Understand - Little Junior Parker 9. Sittin', Drinkin' And Thinkin' - Little Junior Parker 10. Can You Tell Me Baby? - Little Junior Parker 11. Backtracking - Little Junior Parker 12. I Wanna Ramble - Little Junior Parker 13. It's My Life, Baby - Bobby "Blue" Bland 14. Honey Bee - Bobby "Blue" Bland 15. Time Out - Bobby "Blue" Bland 16. Driving Me Mad - Little Junior Parker 17. There Better Be No Feet In Them Shoes - Little Junior Parker 18. I'm Tender - Little Junior Parker 19. Woke Up Screaming - Bobby "Blue" Bland 20. A Million Miles From Nowhere - Bobby "Blue" Bland 21. You've Got Bad Intentions - Bobby "Blue" Bland 22. I Can't Put You Down, Baby - Bobby "Blue" Bland 23. Mother-In-Law Blues - Little Junior Parker 24. I Don't Believe - Bobby "Blue" Bland 25. I Learned My Lesson - Bobby "Blue" Bland 26. Next Time You See Me - Little Junior Parker 27. Pretty Baby - Little Junior Parker 28. That's Alright - Bobby "Blue" Bland / Little Junior Parker
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