Sunday, March 31, 2013

Picture Sundays: Doberman Chariots

Picture Sundays: Doberman Chariots:
Doberman harness racing
“Ready for the race! Brutus of Quintre and his charge are ready for the sulky races, a regular feature of some of the South African sporting events.” Photos via The Doberman Insider.
Now that we are without a car, it’s time for us to figure out alternative forms of transportation. Our late dog was a Doberman and I remembered a book we used to have about the breed that showed some unusual events that used to be held in South Africa in the 1970s: harness racing with Dobermans and kid jockeys!
Remembering just how powerful and fast our Doberman was, I imagine these races were quite a thrill for the kids in those carts.
doberman race
Try this in the US and, no doubt, child protective services would shut down the fun in no time. For the adult version I imagine we’d need a team of Dobes to pull our cart. Practical transportation and the start of Los Angeles’ answer to the Iditerod!