Monday, April 30, 2012

Dr. Ernest Sternglass; Childhood Cancer Caused By Nuclear Power Plants

Dr. Ernest Sternglass; Childhood Cancer Caused By Nuclear Power Plants: Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass is a professor of radiological physics Emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh. 

He starts off by saying that Dr. John Goffman MD PhD was a highly respected medical doctor and taught nuclear physics. Dr. Goffman said that at the time 20 nuclear power plants were operating normally in the USA, (1958) that these plants would directly CAUSE 32,000 cancer cases EVERY YEAR.

The radiation experts measured the radiation around the first Dresden Illinois nuclear plant. They found out that that the radiation was much higher, and they found that this would result in much higher numbers of cancer cases for anyone around the nuclear plant. 

He said that the counties around Dresden, Illinois showed an elevated infant mortality. This elevated death and cancer rate dropped back down to normal if they shut down the facility for any length of time. 

The numbers of infact mortalities went from 1 in 1000 during the times BEFORE nuclear plants, to 10 or even 40 per 1,000 when these nuclear plants are operating. 

The increase in deaths was due to all kinds of infant mortalities and negative health effects from low birth weight, to still born, etc. He showed this same DRASTIC increase in infant mortalities happened around all nuclear plants, not just one specific nuclear power plant. 

The death rate of children under five years has been declining since the end of nuclear weapons testing. The cancer rate has been going up gradually ever since then. (A number of nuclear fuel reprocessing plants emit more radiation each year than all nuclear tests and accidents combined.)

After every major bomb test, accident, there are jumps  in the numbers of cancers from 5 per 100,000 to 20 or more per 100,000. 

How do we get these nuclear plants shut down? We are dealing with a difficult situation because so much money has been invested in over 100 plants in the USA. 

More recently, we have found that both the very old  immune compromised seniors and the very young are dying in higher numbers and get cancer at higher rates when they live close to nuclear reactors. 

There was a 50% decline in breast cancer in women in the San Francisco area after the end of nuclear testing and the shut down of a nuclear power plant there. Many other types of cancers also reduced in number per 100,000 after the end of nuclear testing by 30-50% since then. 

Since the 1980's over 13 reactors have been shut down. So the combination of no more nuclear bomb testing, and the shut down of a few nuclear power plants can be credited with the reduction in cancer rates in the US.  

The future of energy is NOT nuclear. The only energy future we have is in renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind, hydrogen and water. Nuclear energy is a dead end in all ways. Our future  energy needs can be achieved without the danger of nuclear radiation to our children. 

Regarding nuclear war, even if every one of the anti -ballistic missiles worked perfectly and exploded in the air and did not kill anyone, there would be so much radioactive fallout in the air, that there would be no children left to reproduce as adults anywhere in the world. The world would die with a whimper. We cannot afford to have any world war, ever again.

Dr. Ernest Sternglass; Childhood Cancer Caused By Nuclear Power Plants