Friday, April 13, 2012

The wreck of the Titanic in 3D in Google Earth

The wreck of the Titanic in 3D in Google Earth:
Yesterday we showed you how to view the voyage of the Titanic in Google Earth and today we're going to look at how to view a 3D model of the underwater wreckage.

When Google Earth 5 was released three years ago, it included the new ocean features with undersea terrain. As part of that, Google built a 3D model of the wreck of the Titanic and put it at the bottom of the ocean where it lies today. You can view that model by loading this KML file -- be sure to have the "3D Buildings" layer turned on.


Another great model comes from 'giotis' in the Google 3D Warehouse. The model is loading on top of the water for me instead of at the bottom, but the level of detail is so high that I still felt it was worth sharing. You can view it for yourself with this KML file.


If you know of any other excellent 3D models of the ship, please leave a comment and let us know.