Saturday, June 30, 2012

App Alert: Kinotopic+ gets an update and goes FREE for a day

App Alert: Kinotopic+ gets an update and goes FREE for a day:
If you've never heard of Kinotopic before, then be prepared for some fun and enjoinment. You may have heard of cinemagraphs, well, that's exactly what Kinotopic lets you do, create a cinemagraph (an almost static picture, but with a moving element) and more*, to share via the Kinotopic website or via Tumblr, Facebbok etc.

*With Kinotopic+ 2.0, the dev has changed the focus slightly, from cinemagraphs to animated pictures. While Kinotopic still has all the features for making cinemagraphs, the redesign now also lets you easily create animated pictures from a video.

So what's new in Kinotopic+ 2.0? Well the app has a shiny new design, removing a lot of clutter to put the focus on your kinos. Added an activity Stream so you can check out what the people you're following are doing. Introduced a classics tabs to display older kinos. Resigned the kino workflow, and introduced 6 new filters, removing some of the less popular ones, and today it's all for FREE.

App Store Link: Kinotopic+ Sale Price: FREE

Please note: The above Kino is courtesy of Mike