Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 5th birthday, original iPhone!

Happy 5th birthday, original iPhone!:
Happy birthday! Original iPhone turns 5!
Happy birthday original iPhone! 5 years ago you went on sale with nothing but a 2G radio, full capacitive touchscreen, and dream. Now look at you. You brought a world of tic-tac keyboarded Treos and BlackBerrys kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
Half a decade ago I had a Treo 680 and was waiting desperately for an iPhone to hit Canada. (Ultimately I had to smuggle one in to Canada, and fight an ongoing battle to keep it jailbroken and unlocked so it would work on my local -- and back then insanely, like $200/100MB -- carriers.
It had no third party apps. It had an aluminum back. It cost a bloody fortune. And it was utterly amazing.
Happy birthday! Original iPhone turns 5!
Even now, looking at my original iPhone side by side with my iPhone 4S, while the iPhone 4S is better in every way, I still love the original. Everything from Steve Jobs' introduction to the first time I used the iOS (then iPhone OS) interface, made it such a memorable year and experience.
Did you get an original iPhone when it came out in 2007? Did you line up? What phone did you have before, and what was the transition like? And how do the memories of the original compare to what you have now?