Thursday, June 21, 2012

JOE HICKS / JIMMY HUGHES "Mighty Joe Hicks" '73 "Something Special" '69

JOE HICKS / JIMMY HUGHES "Mighty Joe Hicks" '73 "Something Special" '69: Mighty Joe Hicks and Jimmy Hughes took different approachs to the Stax formula of secular gospel; Hicks was a blues-oriented performer whose songs mixed Delta strains with more contemporary sounds, while Hughes was a straight soul artist merging spiritual devices and earthly concerns. Hughes is featured on 13 of the 22 tracks and hits his stride on such songs as "Chains of Love" and "Lay It On the Line." Hicks covers Jimmy Reed nicely on "Rock Me Baby" and sparkles on "Train of Thought" and "Water Water." Bob Wynn, Allmusic

Joe Hicks
01 The Team 02 Knobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 03 Train Of Thought 04 Rock Me Baby 05 Could It Be Love 06 Rusty Ol' Halo 07 All In 08 Water Water 09 Ruby Dean
Jimmy Hughes
10 I Like Everything About You 11 Let 'Em Down Baby 12 I'm So Glad 13 Lay It On The Line 14 Sweet Things You Do 15 Chains Of Love 16 I'm Not Ashamed To Beg Or Plead 17 It's All Up To You 18 Lock Me Up 19 What Side Of The Door 20 Peeped Around Yonder's Bend 21 Just Ain't As Strong As I Used To Be 22 Did You Forget
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