Saturday, June 30, 2012

William Shatner Pantsed by TSA

William Shatner Pantsed by TSA:
Although I know there is a clip of Denny Crane wearing shirt, coat, tie and boxers (and presumably black shoes and sox), I can't find it, so you'll just have to settle for Shatner topless. Known Canadian William Shatner,
revered by generations of audiences the world over for his
electrifying lead performances in Star Trek, T.J.
, Boston Legal, The Twilight Zone and
countless other standards of modern popular culture (and, you'd
think, a person famous enough that even TSA agents in L.A. County
would recognize him as a passenger with a low-risk terrorist
profile), was humiliated by federal security agents while trying to
fly out of Los Angeles International Airport. From the
Toronto Sun
, all Commonwealth usages in original:
Star Trek legend William Shatner was left nursing a bruised ego
when his trousers fell down during an airport security check in
front of dozens of fellow travellers.
The actor was queuing at Los Angeles International Airport to
catch a flight to South Africa when he was singled out for a search
by officials.
More from
The actor, who was in the process of boarding a flight to South
Africa was singled out by security for a check, and that’s when
things got embarrassing for the actor. Shatner decided not to wear
a belt to hold his pants up, which is said to be the number one
leading cause for pantsing strangers in an airport. The pants fell
down and according to people there, exposed the actor’s
While recounting the incident at LAX Shatner went on to say, “It
was awful to have people looking at me with my pants down, probably
the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me… It was a
long flight so I wanted to wear loose clothing because I didn’t
want anything to bind me.”
He's lucky they didn't steal anything out of his luggage.
It's a negative tribute to the Transportation Security
Administration that TSA thugs were able embarrass a man who kept
his dignity through both Kingdom of the Spiders and a
recent senior moment during which Shatner tried
unsuccessfully to ad-lib his way out of an insulting remark

he'd made about a resort on the UK's Devon coast:
Shatner, 81, dropped his clanger while he was appearing as guest
host on the BBC's satirical quiz 'Have I Got News For You' on May
He mentioned Ilfracombe as a venue in the Olympic torch relay,
but mispronounced its name, drawing a remark from panellist Charlie
Brooker that it sounded "deeply sexual".
Shatner went on to ask the panellists whether they had ever
been, before adding: "The place is laced with
After hearing that some residents were angered by the
off-the-cuff remark, Paul Crabb, a town councillor, wrote to
Shatner via his agent and manager, inviting him to the
In an email sent to Mr Crabb and signed 'Bill', Shatner
responded that prostitution "commonly means sex for something of
He said: "I would be hard pressed to believe that sex was not
being had in Ilfracombe for something of value, perhaps a lengthy
marriage, children or a valuable career.
"In any event, my apologies for having singled out Ilfracombe as
a potential haven for prostitution. With you overseeing, I am sure
that will not happen."
Shatner speaks Esperanto: