Thursday, September 6, 2012

After Starring In an Insulting Campaign Video, Kal Penn Lies About Obama's Pot Record

After Starring In an Insulting Campaign Video, Kal Penn Lies About Obama's Pot Record:
Actor Kal Penn and President
Barack Obama were both raked over the coals yesterday for their
collaboration on
a campaign video teasing Penn's upcoming appearance
at the
Democratic National Convention. In that video, Penn reprised his
role as Kumar from the Harold and Kumar movies, and takes
a phone call from Obama while stoned, watching cartoons, and eating
junkfood. The subtle implication is that marijuana users are easily
swayed, lazy idiots.
Reason, the Marijuana Policy Project, LEAP, and several others
criticized Penn and Obama for the video, as Obama has utterly
failed to live up to his promise to deprioritze federal prosections
of medical marijuana.
In an interview with Chris Moody of Yahoo! News,
Penn said

"I think that the president's been pretty consistent with that.
He's not in favor of legalization, we should be open about
something like that. But what the president has done is take a
really smart look at the Department of Justice and said, given the
fact that the federal government has limited resources, we should
be allocating them toward violent criminals and not towards
non-violent criminals. We can see that not just in things like
marijuana but in things like immigration reform where he's going
after and deporting violent criminals and making sure that if
you're a Dream Act eligible student that you know that you can
apply for your deferred status. Wherever the federal government has
an appropriate role, I think the president's been very consistent
in that. That's something that I think folks should
Penn is very, very wrong about Obama "allocating" Department of
Justice resources toward "violent criminals." Here's Jacob Sullum on the
frequency of DEA raids in the beginning of Obama's
Americans for Safe Access counts at least 41 raids on growers or
dispensaries between Obama’s inauguration and the Ogden memo,
almost five a month on average. As of late May, there had been at
least 106 raids since the Ogden memo, nearly six a month. In fact,
medical marijuana raids have been more frequent under Obama than
under Bush, when there were about 200 over eight years.
In October of 2011, CBS
that the Obama administration had given every medical
marijuana dispensary in California 45 days to close, "or face
criminal charges and confiscation of their property even if they
are operating legally under the state’s 15-year-old medical
marijuana law."
Alas, it appears Penn only said the above because he was told
to. When asked by Moody if federal marijuana laws were
"appropriate," Penn said, "I'm not a marijuana expert. That's a
weird question."
Not an expert, but definitely a stooge.
Here's the video: