Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 Tips for Food Bloggers This Fall

3 Tips for Food Bloggers This Fall:
Pumpkin Pie

Image from: Pumpkin Pastry / Shutterstock
For some people, the fall season is essentially a chance to become absolutely manic over pumpkin themed food. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bisque, pumpkin seeds. The mellow orange color is inescapable, and rightfully so. For food bloggers wishing to capitalize on the seasonality of this awesome food—and for people looking for the best recipes in general–here are a few tips on where to look for recipes and traffic.
1. Seasonality and Consumer Empathy
When people search for pumpkin recipes, where are they going? What are they looking for? A quick input of the keyword ‘Pumpkin Recipes’ into our data showed that AllRecipes.com is the top trafficked destination for this term. There are also less known domains on the list, such as Pumpkinrecipes.org, but the clear and decisive focus of these sites lends itself to the seasonality of their popularity. Using ‘pumpkin’ was just an example, but thinking like a consumer should be a general rule; be empathetic. Think about what you would search for if you were someone in need of a seasonal fix, and optimize your recipe titles to hook that sort of interest.
Daily Keyword Destinations for 'Pumpkin Recipes'
2. Blog-Aggregate Sites
What about when people search for blogs in general? Shown here is a ranking of the top destinations for the searched keywords ‘Food Blogs’ in order of traffic share. Right away my eye goes to the third spot,  Foodblogs.com, because it tells me exactly what I’ll find behind the link. If I were a food blogger I would go ahead and try to get featured on aggregate sites like this.
Daily Keyword Destinations for 'Food Blogs'
3. Timing Is Everything
One key paradox of seasonal trends is that to take advantage of them you must actually time your content to break before the trend mounts too much momentum. Get there first. Be the pioneer. To emphasize this point I pulled together a comparison of unique visitation to four prominent recipe sites over the last two years.
Unique Visitors to AllRecipes.com and Three Others
The obvious swells in traffic occur around the holidays understandably, meaning we are right on the verge of the annual recipe-frenzy.  For food bloggers, this probably means putting up those pumpkin/fall themed recipes as early as the first week in September, and pushing content across social to initiate all those autumn cravings.