Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bing's Pano Bling

Bing's Pano Bling:
Did you see the Bing Home Page today?  To celebrate the launch of Windows 8, Bing has a suitably beautiful surprise for anyone running Windows 8 already, or using the latest Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Web browser. If you haven’t seen it yet and you are in Germany, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, France, China, Canada, Spain, or the United States, stop reading this blog post and try it now.

What I am looking at?
You’re looking at the Elbe River from the famous Bastei Bridge in Germany. It was shot by Torsten Schmelling, and published by our partner 360Cities. The Photosynth team wrote the silky-smooth HTML5 viewer that displays the panorama. Try panning and zooming – you should get at least 30 frames/second if you have a reasonably recent computer.

Can I get one of my panoramas on the Bing Home Page?
Yes, but the standard is very high. If you’re a regular user of Bing you’ll know that the home page images are always beautiful, and often stunning. The panoramas that the Bing editors will choose need to be equally arresting. We'll publish requirements soon, but if you think you've got something Bing-worthy, upload it to Photosynth and send a link to us at

Anything else cool happening at Bing to Celebrate Windows 8?
I'm glad you asked! A whole suite of Bing Apps for Windows 8 have been released worldwide today. Details on the Bing blog.

When are you going to use this new viewer on the Photosynth site?
When it’s better than our Silverlight viewer. It’s not quite there yet, as we don’t currently support highlights in HTML5.

David GedyePrincipal Program Manager for Photosynth,Microsoft.