Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evan Johns & The H-Bombs "Rollin' Through The Night" 1986

Evan Johns & The H-Bombs "Rollin' Through The Night" 1986: A CERTIFIABLY INSANE MASTERPIECE!
Evan Johns and the H-Bombs circa 1986, were raving lunatics. There has never been a wilder band or album than "Rolling Through The Night". As a teenager Evan Johns learned the fine art of wild guitar playing when Washington D.C. guitar legend Danny Gatton took him under his wing. After touring with Gatton, Johns moved to Austin and formed the H-Bombs. He went into the studio detirmened to make an album of relentless rockabilly abandon. I'd say mission accomplished. He was never able to come close to making anything this good again. From the opening cut "Vacation Time" where he sounds like he's singing through a megaphone, and knowing Evan Johns he probably was. To the last cut "Stop Loving All The World Girl", this album never lets up. There's no slow dance numbers on this cd. My favorite songs here: All of em. But the songs that would have made it on the radio in a perfectly insane world: "Madhouse" with it's 2 for 1 overdubbed guitar purposely clashing with itself in twin leads. This one's so dadgum good it's scary. "Sugar Cookie", maybe the fastest rockabilly song ever scorched into vinyl. This one is outstandingly nuts with it's fantastic guitar pickin'. He changes pace a little with "You're A Cutie" and offers up some cool farfisa organ driving the song along ? and the Mysterians style. This one ends all too quick. The best of the 3 instrumentals here is "Where'd You Get That Bruise". Man, Johns really knew how to name his songs. It's a great instrumental that'll leave a scar on ya long after you hear it. "Taking Care Of My Home" is the closest thing to a country tune that Johns gets. Wild country that is. It would fit right in on a Southern Culture On The Skids record. "Saving Grace", man I love this little tune. Probably the slowest of these warp speed diddys. It's got a very contagious rhythm to it that gives you the feeling you heard it somewhere before. That's when you know a song is really a good one. It has the best guitar playing on it since those legendary Danny Gatton days. "If I Had My Way" which also appeared on a later album, but it was never as good as this version. That's only to name a few of the 15 generous cuts offered here. There is no doubt this is the most overlooked album of the 80's. It deserved much more recognition. I think it's the best roots rock record ever made, and believe me, I've heard a lot of em. It's easily a "Desert Island Disc, that's sure to rattle the coconuts off the palm trees. Outstanding! - Reviewer: Patrick Earley (Edmond, Oklahoma USA)

Evan Johns & The H-Bombs:
Guitar, Organ, Vocals - Evan Johns / Bass - Michael Maye (tracks: 13 to 15) / Bass, Vocals - Ivan Brown (tracks: 1 to 12) / Drums - Scotty Flowers (tracks: 13 to 15) / Drums, Vocals - Jim Dougherty (2) (tracks: 1 to 12) / Guitar [Extra] - Dan Oehser , Pedro Sera

1. Vacation Time 2. Madhouse 3. Rollin' Through The Night 4. Sugar Cookie 5. You're A Cutie 6. Evacuation 7. Where'd You Get That Bruise? 8. Oh No No 9. Taking Care Of My Home 10. Saving Grace 11. If I Had My Way 12. Do The Dootz 13. Radiation 14. If She'd Only Learn To Rock 15. Stop Lovin' All The World Girl