Monday, October 29, 2012

Let Your Kids Eat Poisoned Halloween Candy. And Take Pictures!

Let Your Kids Eat Poisoned Halloween Candy. And Take Pictures!:
kid and candyJust
kidding. Don't let your children eat poisoned candy. That will be
easy, though, since there has never been a documented instance of
strangers giving kids poisoned candy on Halloween. Seriously.
There are
no verified incidents of poisoned candy
, and no reported
serious injuries from razor blades,
pins, or needles in candy
 despite at five decades worth of
annual scare stories.
So this year, why not let your kids eat their candy without
inspecting it first? Heck, encourage them to eat those candy apples
and popcorn balls—assuming there is even anyone left in your
neighborhood who hands those things out—while they're
Kids shouldn't eat raisins or fresh fruit, of course. Those
"treats" are not poisoned either, they just suck.
Let the little ones settle in for some fun holiday enjoyment
free from unnecessary fearmongering. With a little luck,
legislatures and law enforcement might even follow your lead and
relax, instead of using All Hallows' Eve to put additional
restrictions on
sex offenders
contact lens manufacturers
, and just about everybody
Lenore Skenazy of the
Free-Range Kids
blog has a great idea: Take a picture of your
kid chowing down on that homemade pumpkin cookie from a neighbor
and send it her at She'll put
together a slide show designed to encourage people to chill out and
enjoy Halloween a little more next year.