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Two discs - 73,69 minutes each approximately. The sound on the vast majority of these tracks is very good, surprising knowing the era and the various recording studios used at that time. These tracks are clean yet warm sounding, which only helps music from this era. The booklet gives artist-by-artist info that follows the individual tracks, and helps place this music in it's time. There are black and white photographs of several artists featured in this collection. This music, loosely titled Los Angeles r&b or L.A. blues, is actually music from a number of artists who either moved to or spent some time in L.A., and their collective sounds became known as L.A. r& b. These tracks were all recorded between 1944 and 1954-prime years for this style of music. By and large it's piano-based music,with guitar used as a rhythm instrument. There are exceptions (CHUCK NORRIS AND HIS GUITAR,T-BONE WALKER,JIMMY LIGGINS,PEE WEE CRAYTON,CLARENCE "GATEMOUTH" BROWN,J.D. EDWARDS), where the guitar is used as a lead instrument, which gives this set needed depth. An interesting sidelight, on Billy Valentine's "Beer Drinking Woman", John Coltrane is heard on tenor sax in a small group setting. The vocals are smooth and fairly sophisticated, which is what listeners wanted during the post-war years in big cities like Los Angeles. Anyone who has heard the great Charles Brown or Amos Milburn will have a good idea of the vocal styles found here. The tracks, for the most part, are up-tempo and swinging, with either a rolling piano or a hot sax solo accompanying the vocals. This is a good look at big city r&b on the west coast during the post-war years. The majority of tracks heard here are well worth a listen, with even the lesser tracks having that certain "something", that can't be heard in today's music. The smooth, jazzy,urbane feel of this music, from so long ago, will capture your ears almost immediately I don't know how long this set will remain in stock, so if this is your thing, pick it up while it's available-you won't be sorry. (AMAZON)

trax disc 1:
1. Midnight On Central Avenue - Cecil Gant 2. Flying Home Pt. 1 & 2 - Illinois Jacquet 3. Drifting Blues - Johnny Moore's Three Blazers 4. Blues In Los Angeles - Cecil Gant 5. Voodoo Woman - Jay McShann & His Sextette With Jimmy Witherspoon 6. When I'm In My Tea - Jo Jo Adams With Maxwell Davis And His Band 7. Saturday Fish Fry - Eddie Williams & His Brown Buddies (With Floyd Dixon) 8. Guitar In My Hand - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown 9. Strange Woman Blues - Jay McShann & His Sextet With Jimmy Witherspoon 10. Mississippi Blues - Floyd Dixon 11. Chicken Shack Boogie - Amos Milburn 12. Courtroom Blues - Johnny Otis 13. Woman Don't Want A Good Man No More - Earl Jackson w/Johnny Otis Band 14. Bowlegged Boogie - Viviane Greene 15. He's The Man (He's Tall & Cool) - Viviane Greene 16. B&O Blues - Charles Brown 17. When A Man Has The Blues - Smiley Turner 18. Rocket Boogie 88 (Pt. 2) - Pete Johnson Orchestra 19. This Joint Too Hip For Me - Betty Hall Jones 20. Everyday I Have The Blues - Lowell Folsom (Featuring Lloyd Glenn At The 88) 21. Lonely Boy Blues - Smiley Turner 22. Beer Drinking Baby - Billy Valentine 23. Wine O Baby Boogie - Big Joe Turner 24. Bad Bad Whiskey - Amos Milburn 25. Great Big Mama - Smokey Hogg
trax disc 2:
1. What's Good For One Is Good For All - Chuck Norris & His Guitar 2. Black Night - Charles Brown 3. The Hustle Is On - T-Bone Walker 4. Chica Boo - Lloyd Glenn's Combo 5. Safronia B - Calvin Boze & His All Star 6. Kind A Sick Kind A Worried - Chuck Norris & His Guitar 7. I Got Loaded - Peppermint Harris w/Maxwell Davis & His All Stars 8. When It Rains It Pours - Pee Wee Crayton 9. Kissa Me Baby - Ray Charles 10. Pork Chops & Mustard Greens - Ernie Andrews w/Maxwell Davis Orchestra 11. High School Baby - Frankie Ervin 12. Daybreak - Pee Wee Crayton 13. Let Me Go Home Whiskey - Amos Milburn 14. West Coast Blues - JD Edwards 15. The Candle's Burning Low - Johnny Otis & His Orchestra 16. Lovin' A Married Woman - Earl Brown With The Red Callender Combo 17. Brownskin Butterball - Johnny Otis & His Orchestra 18. Unlucky Man - Mel Walker 19. Good Good Whiskey - Amos Milburn 20. Pachuko Hop - Ike Carpenter Orchestra 21. Feelin' Mighty Lonesome - Mel Walker 22. They Were Doin' The Mambo - Joe Liggins 23. Yeah Yeah Yeah - Joe Liggins 24. I Ain't Drunk - Jimmy Liggins 25. No More Alcohol - Jimmy Liggins
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