Friday, October 26, 2012

Tracking Hurricane Sandy in Google Earth

Tracking Hurricane Sandy in Google Earth:
With Hurricane Sandy hitting the Bahamas and heading toward the United States, Google has set up their Crisis Response Map to try to help with the situation. The map includes various tools such as public alerts, emergency shelters and (as pointed out by Google Maps Mania and shown below) wind speed probability charts.


If you're in Google Earth, there are some great tools available to you in there as well. By opening the [Weather] layer, you can turn on near-real-time [Clouds] and [Radar] layers, which show the storm gaining strength:


If you turn on the main [Places] layer in Google Earth, a small hurricane icon will appear in the center of the storm. By clicking the icon you can view news, advisories, as well as three and five day path predictions.


If you come across any other tools that help with the tracking of this storm, leave a comment below and let us know.