Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Turn Google Earth into a giant 3D pumpkin for Halloween

Turn Google Earth into a giant 3D pumpkin for Halloween:
Six years ago, Frank Taylor made a cool pumpkin overlay for Google Earth. It's still a fun toy to play with, so we're showing it off again. To make it work, simply download the KML here and that's it!

halloween pumpkin

For maximum benefit, turn off the atmosphere ("View -> Atmosphere") and the "Borders & Labels" (found in the "Layers" on the left side of your Google Earth window).

The pumpkin was created using a simple image overlay that he wrapped around the globe, then added a 3D model for the stem. You can read details on how that's done in this post of his from a few years ago.

If you want more, you can check out a bunch of Halloween goodness in the 3D Warehouse or maybe check out the "Pumpkin Man" in Google StreetView, found in the Disney Resort in Paris.

Happy Halloween!