Monday, October 29, 2012

View all of your Google Contacts in Google Earth (Wow Cool!)

View all of your Google Contacts in Google Earth:
Here's a neat script from digital inspiration that can grab your contact list from Google Contacts and covert them into a big KML file to view in Google Earth. If you use Google for your main contact management (synced to your phone, etc), then this script could yield some pretty neat results for you.


It's really a pretty simple process. Copy their special spreadsheet into your Google Drive account, then the follow the included instructions. While there are seemingly no issues in loading this spreadsheet and granting it access to your account, certainly be careful when granting scripts that kind of access.

You can also view the resulting map in Google Maps. Take the KML file, upload it somewhere (including your Dropbox folder, for example) and then just copy the link into Google Maps.


(via Lifehacker)