Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Connecting with Your POWER

Connecting with Your POWER: You can spend your entire life reading “spiritual” books and understanding the concept of “higher consciousness” intellectually, but all of that is totally pointless unless you are actually FEELING IT!

The mind is really the village idiot compared to consciousness and there is whole world of difference between THINKING something and FEELING something. When you place your hand in fire you don’t need the mind to think about whether it is hot, you just KNOW it is. Connecting with your true consciousness is exactly the same. You will be in no doubt whether you are connecting with your true consciousness, you will just KNOW that you are.

But we do need an understanding of exactly HOW to do this.

Activating the brain and nervous system is a key element and there are some incredibly simple, yet profoundly POWERFUL ways to do this, so that higher energies can flow into and through the body.

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