Monday, November 26, 2012

Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Mr.Eliminator [1964] Vinyl Rip!!! #SRFRDR

Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Mr.Eliminator [1964] Vinyl Rip!!!:
               DICK DALE And His DEL-TONES                

Mr. Eliminator is the fourth studio album of surf music by surf pioneer Dick Dale (and his Del-Tones), released in 1964 as somewhat of a follow-up to the previous album Checkered Flag. This album consists mostly of hot-rod or racing themes, whether simply in the names, or in the slight alteration of beats and accompaniment as well, as was seen in the Checkered Flag album. Dale is widely known and famous for incorporating heavy middle-eastern influence into his recordings, and some may argue that "The Victor", a track on the album, as being probably the heaviest in influence. This album was Dale's last venture into the hot-rod style of surf music, and with his next album (and last studio album with the Del-Tones), Summer Surf, he would return to the "regular" style of surf music. [Wiki]
In the early '60s, Capitol Records was having nearly as much success selling hot rod records to teenagers as they were with surf music, and given their good fortune in persuading the Beach Boys to cut some tunes about the joys of fast cars, it came to the surprise of no one that producer Gary Usher, the man behind the Super Stocks, was teamed up with surf guitar legend Dick Dale to cut an album. Released in 1964, Mr. Eliminator features Dale accompanied by Usher's usual team of session pros, including Glen Campbell and Jerry Cole on guitars, Plas Johnson on sax, Bruce Johnston on keyboards, and Earl Palmer behind the drums. With a band like that, you might wonder if there was any room left for Dick Dale, and on the vocal cuts he does sound a bit like an afterthought on his own album, though Dale gives his all as he belts out "50 Miles to Go" and "My X-KE," and tries hard on the lost cause that is "The Squirrel." But when Dale gets to crank up his guitar and let loose on instrumental numbers like "Flashing Eyes," "Taco Wagon," and the title cut, Mr. Eliminator really blasts off -- these are the tunes where Dick Dale gets to be Dick Dale, and even with the greatest band in Hollywood backing him up, he steals the show with his supercharged barrage of notes. [AMG]

And finally, my favorite DD Lp in Surfadelic 5D Ultrasound Vinyl Rip! Rubber smellin' rip roarin' guitar blast from my own original '64 plastic. This is the ultimate Mr.Eliminator sound experience, too superior to be truth. Firing Up!

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