Monday, November 26, 2012

“In Colorado, Pot Got 50,000 More Votes Than Obama”

“In Colorado, Pot Got 50,000 More Votes Than Obama”:

Picture: Torbe Bjorn Hansen (CC)
“The people have spoken, the bastards” – Dick Tuck
A dillema has arisen in America, a country which can rightly claim to be one of the greatest democratic nations in the world.
“The Justice Department has a big decision to make” reports Carrie Johnson for NPR in relation to the fact a clear majority of people have voted in favour of the decriminalisation of cannabis. The article contains this silver bullet of truth, perfect for your average potheaded activist:
“on Election Day, more voters in Colorado and Washington cast their ballots for marijuana legalization than for President Obama”.
It’s a good extensive article which summarises the political power play now at work in the belly of the democratic machine. However it ends with the line: “Justice Department [...] officials are reviewing the initiatives and [...] for now, nothing has changed”. Read/listen to the full report here: Will U.S. Try To Snuff Out State Marijuana Laws?
I guess the question is, does Democracy trump Bureaucracy in the land of the free and home of the brave?
I think legal recerational cannabis use in the U.S. is now inevitable, what do you think?
Nick Margerrison