Wednesday, November 28, 2012

James Luther Dickinson "Free Beer Tomorrow" 2002

James Luther Dickinson "Free Beer Tomorrow" 2002: Yes indeed folks JLD gives new meaning to the definition "Legendary" setting the standards far above the clouds and restacking the deck for anyone who cares to take a peek at what's inside.
It's taken Memphis legend James Luther Dickinson 30 years to follow his solo debut, Dixie Fried, with this CD, which he describes as "the sound of a drunken circus band staggering down the road." Perhaps that's how long it took Dickinson to perfect the art of making his music collapse and weave in all the right places. Or maybe he was just absorbed in producing brilliant albums for other musicians--Ry Cooder, Big Star, the Replacements--and playing soul-fired piano for everyone from Petula Clark to the Stones and Dylan. Despite the shambling undercurrent of this disc, it's a wise and subtle-but-raw blend of roots styles, from soul ballads to folk songs to string-band blues, all colored by Dickinson's beef-jerky vocal cords, silken saloon piano, and brilliant orchestrations. Try as he might to sound like a friendly tough guy with numbers like the swinging, hilarious dis "A**hole" and the jug-band tune "Bound to Lose," where he howls about bad-luck riverboat gamblers like a bull mastiff, Dickinson's a softie. His aching cover of Charles Brown's "It's Rainin'" and the lovely honky-tonker "If I Could Only Fly" sound plucked straight from his heart. - Ted Drozdowski

01 Jc's New York City Blues 02 Bound To Lose 03 Hungry Town 04 It's Rainin' 05 Asshole 06 Last Night I Gave Up Smoking 07 If I Could Only Fly 08 Ballad Of Billy And Oscar 09 Well Of Love 10 Home Sweet Home