Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Something Big Is Going On At Egypt's Giza Plateau

Something Big Is Going On At Egypt's Giza Plateau: Some thing huge is going on at Giza, and the web is on fire with speculation about it.

The internet is abuzz with the reports about new findings in the Great Pyramid on Egypt's Giza Plateau. It has been noted that unusual markings have been discovered inside what several of the reports reports have been calling a "secret tunnel".

Accurate to sort, the information media is possibly hyperbolizing, or they just plain got the facts incorrect. The tunnel is has not been a secret for a range of years. The secret has been what is in the tunnel, and exactly where it leads.

There is, even so, a mystery involved below. The mystery requires some odd hieroglyphic-sort markings identified inside of the tunnel. They are carried out in red paint, and are located on the ground of the tunnel and on the partitions.

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