Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best paid iPhone apps

Best paid iPhone apps:
Best paid iPhone apps
The App Store is flooded with apps, both good and bad, sot can be overwhelming to decided which apps you're going to spend your hard earned cash (or gift cards) on. Stress no more! We've gathered up some of our all time favorite apps that we believe to be worth every penny.

1Password 4

1Password 4 for iOS, re-written from pixel to bit to keep your data safe and more accessible than ever
1Password is not only one of the best apps for your iPhone, but one of the best for your iPad, Mac, and PC as well. With 1Password, you can say goodbye to using the same, insecure password for all your logins all over the internet and instead give each login its own individual secure password yet only need to remember one password to gain access to them all.
1Password is not just extremely useful and practical, but it's extremely well designed that gives the perfect combination of functionality and beauty.


Fantastical comes to iPhone, makes appointment entry ridiculously easy
Apple's built-in Calendar app is great and all, but if you want a superb calendar, take a look at Fantastical for iPhone. This awesome little calendar app lets you simply type your meetings in normal language and it translates them into an appointment for you. For example "meeting with Rene Ritchie next friday at noon" will automatically fill in the appropriate fields to schedule this event. If you're a quick typer, this is typically much faster than adding all the information yourself. Fantastical will make you wish you had more things to add to your calendar so that you can use it more. Seriously.


Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad on sale for $0.99 each - today only
Tweetbot has been one of our favorite Twitter apps for quite some time, now. It features useful, intuitive gestures, fun sounds, and a great design.


The iPhone's is, without question, an excellent camera, but the iPhone isn't exactly equipped with all the tools to make the most use out of it -- but Camera+ is! Camera+ is a photography app that is useful for both taking photos and editing them. With features ranging from separate exposure and focus points, stabilizer, dozens of effects and borders, different scene modes, and more, Camera+ is sure to help you grow to become the awesome iPhone photographer you desire to be!


The still camera isn't the only great camera in the iPhone -- the video camera is also pretty great! But with the restrictions of simply shooting video and trimming clips, the built-in Camera app doesn't allow you to actually make movies, but iMovie does! iMovie is a fantastic video editor because it's super easy to make fun videos in just a matter of minutes. Videographers may yearn for more, but for everyone else, iMove is an excellent video editor for the iPhone.


Clear review: A bright, bold new generation of task management for iPhone
Clear is a task list app for those who don't like task list apps -- a new, gesture-based approach that's manages to be simple without being simplistic. It takes an almost Windows Phone Metro-style approach. It's not a task app for those who want power features or a more traditional interface. But for anyone new to todos, who wants something fresh and fun, who just has a few lists of a few items and finds Reminders far too much of a chore, Clear might be the perfect place to start.

Solar : Weather

Solar : Weather for iPhone review
Sure, the built-in Weather app on the iPhone gets you basic weather information in a somewhat appealing packages, but it's nothing compared to Solar : Weather. This little gem is a unique weather app for the iPhone that offers a one-of-a-kind interactive UI and experience. Instead of simply displaying the weather forecast for you, Solar: Weather will display different information based on gestures. For example, swiping up with scroll through the 24-hr forecast, swiping down will display the 3 day forecast, and swiping left/right will switch between locations. It's actually very fun to use.

Launch Center Pro

Tap an app icon on your Home screen and what happens? The app opens up, that's it. Tap an app icon in Launch Center Pro and what happens? Messages are ready to write. Events are ready to be added. Movie times are there for you to see. And much, much more. That's because Launch Center Pro doesn't just launch apps, it launches actions. Sure, iOS doesn't allow real app-to-app communication yet, but App Cubby, the makers of Launch Center Pro, have toiled away taking what Apple does allow -- the URL schemes that let apps send and receive small amounts of information in links -- and made something not only wonderful, but wonderfully productive.


Instapaper is one of the most popular read-later services on the web and iPhone that saves web pages and articles for offline reading and is optimized for readability on your device's screen. It offers a distraction-free text only environment with the ability to adjust fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins to truly satisfy your specific reading needs. You can save articles to Instapaper via a bookmarklet that you save in Safari or from one of the many Twitter, reading, and social apps in the App Store.


If you use Google Reader, you want Reeder - plain and simple. It's an RSS reader that will sync with your Google Reader account and present your feeds on a beautiful and clean interface. You can also choose to sync with Fever and Readability and Reeder allows you to share to nearly every social service out there.


Instacast 3 is the all new version of Vemedio's popular iPhone and iPad podcasting app. With it, Vemedio has switched out a lot of old methods for newer technologies like automatic reference counting and Core Data to make Instacast better and faster. Alongside these fancy new technologies is Instacasts new Cloud sync. Instead of using Apple's iCloud to keep your podcasts in sync, the folks at Vemedio put in a lot of work to create their own. All you need to do to use it is sign-up for a free account and all your data will be seamlessly moved to the cloud. If Apple's free Podcasts app isn't up to your needs, give Instacast a whirl.


Byword for iPhone and iPad review
Byword is a text and Markdown editor that focuses on being simple, distraction free, and beautiful. It's available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac and can keep all your work in sync via iCloud or Dropbox. It also features a special keyboard with a swipable row at the top that includes selective word and character counters, a tab key, smart paring characters, and undo key, Markdown helpers, and more.

iWork: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Apple updates iWork apps Pages, Keynote, and Numbers
Want to create posters, write papers, design spreadsheets, and create presentations? Apple's iWork suite consisting of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote has go you covered. All three of these apps are available on both the iPhone and iPad and sync over iCloud with their Mac counterparts.

Your favorite paid apps for iPhone?

This really is just a short list of fantastic apps out there, and we know there's some other great ones that have been left out. That's where you come in! What are the best paid apps you have installed on your iPhone and use regularly? Let us know in the comments below!