Saturday, December 29, 2012

How Works

How Works:
Most people think of Google when they think about search engines.  They may even remember that Google has some competition in Bing and Yahoo.  However, there are numerous other search engines that you can use to find the best results for your searches.  One of those is called Scour.

A Social Search Engine uses a different approach to searching.  It uses the three top search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing to create relevant results.  However, it doesn’t stop there with the rankings.  It allows people to vote on the results and comment on them to move them up or down in the search results for the next time.
You can sign up as a member on the website,  When you do a search, you will get results from a combination of choices from the three top search engines.  Once you review those results, you can make comments and vote for a link to move either up or down.  It works similar to social websites, such as mix and digg. Wants Good Responses

While some abuse of the system may occur, is looking for intelligent, thoughtful comments about websites that will be helpful to others.  It will not tolerate inappropriate commenting since this is supposed to be a benefit to the other people who read the comments.  Even negative comments about a particular website should be handled in the right way.
The goal of is to bridge the gap from those who are performing searches and relevant, helpful search results.  While algorithms and other methods of finding the best results may be used with other search engines, believes in human opinion as a part of the process.  This gives people a chance to make their opinion heard so that the next time they look for search results, it will provide better information on their topic.