Sunday, March 31, 2013

All Your Deposits Are Belong To Us

All Your Deposits Are Belong To Us:

Jesus is pissed
Jesus is pissed
This is my first post and it represents what I’ve been thinking about for a while–the absurdity of our situation as spiritual beings trapped in a materialist circumstance, largely denuded of our biological skills of individual survival. We all feel something coming–this much is undeniable. Perhaps we all prepare–through mental resignation, or physical prepping–for what we feel is unavoidable change. The mere mention of it beckons the moans and groans of clichĂ©-exhaustion at this point. For example, this has been put forward as a particular strategy for the government to attack the populace. But, few seldom argue against the fact that the SHTF scenarios are the destination of modern decadent, iPadded society. Some of us await the sudden SHTF as a cathartic release from this shallow, capitalist culture of accumulation; yet, others deny the suddenness and embrace a slow, steady decline into gradual bedlam, availing all that pay attention to the economic benefits of a society in decline. Regardless of your beliefs, your reliance on the materialistic basis for biological existence in this culture predisposes you to paying attention to the signs at hand: the foremost being what the fuck has just happened in Cyprus.
What the title of this post should have read is: “How to destroy a country–the case of Cyprus” but that seemed a bit dry for the reality that is unfolding before our eyes. Injustice unveils his vile, putrid form before our very eyes this month. Irrespective of the nature of the depositors in Cyprus (because some are grandmas and grandpas who have lost nearly all their lives’ savings at the indiscretion of a banking system) the message is all too clear for all to see–keep your money in a fractional reserve banking system to your inevitable doom. The system of mass trust is breaking down. Where money had previously functioned as the lubricant of formal social relations between contractor and contractee, the money (at the behest of the counterfeiter-in-chief [the central bank]) increases to the detriment of the social relations that depended upon its stability. The more money they print the less your money is worth. Money isn’t wealth; it’s a claim on wealth. Remember that, because that will explain what happens later.
This also means that the ‘social safety net’ is irrevocably being threatened, and this will have consequences. When the fruits of our labour are taken from us for the sake of propping up the fraudulent institution that ostensibly ‘safeguarded’ the fruit of our labour, then we find ourselves in a situation that turns upside-down the logic of our society. We can no longer trust the centre of trust in our society. We find ourselves amidst a social revolution.
What happens in Cyprus will not stay in Cyprus. That is mathematically certain; because the debt ‘crisis’ is being solved by more of the same problem that caused it–loans (so-called bailouts). This is exactly the same method that was used in the 2008 TARP bailout. But the rub this time is that the confiscation of depositors’ money (whether they be rich Russian oligarchs, or semi-affluent Cypriots who’ve saved over 100K Euros for their retirement) should be taken as a message to the rest of us who still have faith in the banking system–the symbolic representation of your labour is no longer safe here, because all your deposits are belong to us. I’m stating the obvious, right? Every sane person would be in the process of removing their money from financial institutions by this point, no? Mattresses should be getting thicker across the world now, shouldn’t they?
Anyone that has seen the true nature of the money changers (Even The Wizard of Oz contained the symbolism) knows that this was inevitable with fractional reserve banking and usury. The writing has been on the wall since we let the usurious class take over; but, is this the destiny of our species? Must we go through the heartbreak of internal confusion and betrayal to get beyond materialism as a species? Must we give up all we have to know who we really are? I find myself optimistic about this transition. Where many have found the root of evil as money, I find it the salvation, because it simply represents that which we always sought in each other–faith. When money is destroyed, we have only ourselves to rely upon to rebuild the broken trust.