Friday, March 22, 2013

Creativity, A Journey Without A Destination

Creativity, A Journey Without A Destination:

Like getting in the car bound on an adventure, without a known destination, but to discover where the road might take you, do you yield to spontaneity? Are you one who comfortably dances with the mysterious, or do you become anxious by the unknown? How often does the artist approach the creation of an art piece with a distinct road map leading to the end product? Does a composer launch a piece of music with the finished result clearly calculated, knowing exactly how it will play out? Are the characters in a screenplay already evolved before the first act is written? Or in contrast, is it liberating to surrender to the natural creative process and allow alchemy to unfold?

Although we understand that the creative process doesn’t always operate with a blue print, it is tempting to grasp onto something concrete and secure in hopes of guarantying success. However, part of the beauty and thrill of the creative process is that it can have a life of its own and its destination refuses to be charted. Pre-planning and having expectations hinders our instincts and can prevent us from going down an unforeseen path; a path that might just uncover originality.

I have known artists and writers who played it safe by starting out with a sealed proof plan for their project, hoping this would avoid disaster. They go through great lengths to ensure the out come by over planning, over thinking and over researching. I don’t believe creativity can always been contained within the safe confines of a detailed map. Sometimes the most novel creations blossom within a loosely planned idea. When the artist allows him or her self to take risks and face the possibility of failure this opens the channels for one’s unique style to come through.

It is easy to become addicted to affirming ones talents and value as an artist by seeking guaranteed success. It requires practice, letting go of the seduction of predictability and the familiar. When you relinquish control, trust your intuition and allow the mystery of the creative process to guide you towards the splendor of the unknown, what can occur might be more than you had even imagined. So why not give it a try.

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