Friday, March 29, 2013

EPA to Propose Rules Slashing Unhealthy Emissions from Cars

EPA to Propose Rules Slashing Unhealthy Emissions from Cars:
By Timothy Gardner
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration will propose on Friday long-awaited rules to slash smog-forming emissions from gasoline that have been linked to lung and heart ailments, health groups and an environmental regulator source said on Thursday.
The Environmental Protection Agency will propose the so-called Tier 3 rules that will require refiners to reduce the sulfur content of gasoline to 10 parts per million by 2017 from the current standard of 30 ppm, an agency source said on condition of anonymity.
Reducing sulfur in fuel helps cars burn cleaner and reduces emissions of tiny particles, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides that can cause lung and heart illnesses
Oil industry groups, Republicans, and some conservative Democrats have opposed the rules saying they would make gasoline more expensive for consumers still struggling in the recovering economy.
Refinery groups say the rules could cost that industry $14 billion to $15 billion a year. [More]