Monday, March 18, 2013

Google Keep, a New Service for Taking Notes

Google Keep, a New Service for Taking Notes: Carlos Jeurissen found some interesting hints about a new Google Drive app called Keep. There are multiple references to Google Keep in the GDrive code, including some URLs like: In fact, the codename for Google Keep is "memento" and the MIME type for Google Keep files is "application/". Obviously, Google Keep is a replacement for Google Notebook, a service that has been discontinued back in 2009.

Carlos also found the service's icon and a short URL that redirects to the Play Store page for a non-existent Google Keep app.

Google has a cool Chrome extension called Scratchpad. It's great for taking notes and it syncs with Google Docs. Let's hope that Keep is better than both Scratchpad and Google Notebook.

{ Thanks, Carlos. }