Thursday, March 21, 2013

How To Make Bacon Jam

How To Make Bacon Jam:

Anything with bacon in it sounds great to us, but ‘bacon jam’ is definitely one of the most delicious-sounding bacon products that we had the good fortune to chance upon.

Unfortunately, bacon jam has not been mass produced for supermarkets just yet, but food blogger Baked Bree has created a nifty how-to post—complete with helpful images—that will have you whipping up your own jar of bacon-flavored savory/sweet spread in no time.

Apparently, making bacon jam is a lot like making chutney—there seems to be a lot of stirring involved.

The aching arms will be worth it though; imagine all the yummy things you can douse in bacon jam—which is just about everything edible.

Head over here for the full bacon jam recipe.

[via Baked Bree]