Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just How Toxic Are We?

Just How Toxic Are We?: Most of us know by now that we live in a highly polluted world. We have come far from the days of living in an Edenic paradise, where all our needs were provided by nature, and this is due, in part, to our hell-making pollution of the world with toxins from war, and consumerism, including toxins made by nuclear energy and weapons, as evidenced by the latest Fukushima disaster, but also through toxic chemicals like Agent Orange prevalently used during the Vietnam War, but that Monsanto and companies like them now have free reign to use again due to the recent bill that passed through both the Congress and Senate.

We have polluted countries like Iraq so badly, that the depleted uranium from bombing and the effluent from military-industrial materials as well as radioactive wastes that leak from military vehicles and tanks, that their cancer rates are doubling.

We have also polluted our world through consumerism. From asbestos used in buildings to chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, which are put in our water, we have polluted our paradise. Tar from cigarettes (even if you don’t smoke) and the off gasing of literally hundreds of other chemicals in our cleaning products, shampoos, and body lotions is also making us world and our body’s toxic.

We are a world gone crazy, literally, with mold toxicity causing schizophrenia, and heavy metals like mercury causing depression. What people may not realize is that eating organic is great, but until we cleanse the body of its highly toxic environment, putting some leafy greens into our diets just won’t be enough. We need to purge these toxins from our bodies using cleanses, baths, purgatories and the host of other practices utilized by shamans, priests and tribal elders in every corner of the world since before there was a modern-day version of a toxic waste dump on our green and blue marble in space.

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