Monday, March 25, 2013

Life is Providing You Exactly What You Need

Life is Providing You Exactly What You Need: Life is always giving us exactly what we need to learn about ourselves in each and every moment. The outside world mirrors to us all the aspects within ourselves that we are not fully acknowledging, are not fully aware of and do not love. To embody your wholeness means that you cannot disregard some parts of you and only accept others. To be and feel whole is to fully accept, love and embrace every aspect. Your relationships and experiences in the world give you the opportunity to do so.

In choosing to have a dualistic experience as a human being, means that our experiences and relationships with the world will vary from pleasant to unpleasant, and from positive to negative. Often we judge situations and relationships that are uncomfortable and not enjoyable, thinking that it’s not what we should be experiencing at that time. We may move into a state of victim-hood and blame, creating more separation between ourselves and the person, group or situation. Instead of taking the necessary lessons required to learn and expand, we often continue to reinforce old beliefs, fears and patterns.

It’s important to remember that the Soul, the essence of who we are, is already perfect, whole and complete. It does not judge you or the experiences you are having. It is neutral. It views each relationship and experience, regardless of how it unfolds, as an opportunity to evolve. The part of you that does decipher which experiences it likes or doesn’t like is the Ego-mind. The Ego-mind is the part of us that becomes, “triggered,” in those moments. Depending on how much fear you live in, how many limiting beliefs you have and hold on to, how self-aware and actualized you are and the state of your consciousness level will often determine how you react, how much you are triggered and how much you grow in your life experiences.

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