Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lost Ancient Technology

Lost Ancient Technology: Lost Ancient Technology of Peru & Bolivia

Contrary to conventional thought, the Inca were not the most technologically advanced culture in the area of modern Peru and Bolivia, but were preceded by the great megalithic builders thousands of years before. — Brien Foerster


Why are so many ancient stone structures found in Peru, and how were they so precisely made, and when? The conventional academic explanation that the Inca built everything to be found around Cusco and the Sacred Valley of Peru has become a comical farce. The Inca, though an incredibly advanced and sophisticated people did not have the technology to shape hard stone with such accuracy, and even their oral traditions speak of “those who came before.”

One such people were the mysterious Viracochans, thought to be myth, but now turning out to be actual people with amazing technical skill, in some ways surpassing our own. Join with us as we find the answers, and roll back the historical records of humanity…

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