Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oil Addiction, Not Fracking, Caused the 2011 Oklahoma Earthquakes

Oil Addiction, Not Fracking, Caused the 2011 Oklahoma Earthquakes: [caption id="attachment_11336" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Earthquakes in region of Prague, Oklahoma, from Nov. 5, 2011, through Dec. 4, 2011. Red indicates 2.2 magnitude, up through magenta representing the 5.6 magnitude quake. Credit: Flickr/KellyMcD"] [/caption]Earthquakes have become more than 10 times more common in normally quiescent parts of the U.S., such as Ohio and Oklahoma, in the past few years. Given the simultaneous uptick in fracking --an oil and gas drilling technique that involves fracturing shale rock deep underground with the use of a high pressure water cocktail--it's common to suspect a link . There might be one , but the real culprit behind the largest earthquake in Oklahoma's recorded history is not what goes down but what comes up with the oil: wastewater. [More]