Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Race Formula One tracks with Google Earth

Race Formula One tracks with Google Earth:
We've seen quite a few driving games built on top of Google Earth over the years including Drive the A-Team Van and this great simulator from Katsuomi Kobayashi. Today's comes from "MisterFoley" and is a great take on Formula One racing.


They are a few 3D-rendered cars to choose from, and a handful of 3D objects around the course. What makes the game unique is the timing to rank the fastest drivers, and the fence around the course to keep you from cheating. I ran a couple of fast laps and didn't crack the top 10, but maybe you can do better!

There is currently only one track available (Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, Australia) but more are expected to be added soon.

Give it a try for yourself at and see if you can make it onto the Top 10 fastest drivers list.