Friday, March 29, 2013

SIMON & THE BAR SINISTERS "Look At Me I'm Cool!!!" (1995)

SIMON & THE BAR SINISTERS "Look At Me I'm Cool!!!" (1995): Look at Me I'm Cool is a sleazy celebration of junk pop-culture, filled with maniacally distorted, punky rockabilly and surf rock. Led by guitar virtuoso Simon Chardiet, Simon and the Bar Sinisters make music that is truly unclassifiable. Chardiet shifts effortlessly, both in terms of guitar and vocal style, from rockabilly to Big Star-type pop to snarling British punk, and then onto ZZ Top-ish riffing. Listening to Simon could be a shortcut to a more complete musical education. Seeing him live is more like receiving a guitar lesson. Throw in some NYC bad attitude ("I'd Be Grateful if You Were Dead") into the mix, then stir, and you have some serious gumbo. (Allmusic)trax:
01 Strike Out King 02 Drag Blob 03 Surf The Wild Gowanus 04 Speed, Weed & Whiskey 05 Dirty Mean 06 Thinking With The Wrong Head 07 Look At Me I'm Cool!!! 08 Chapter Eleven 09 The Leaving Kind 10 Mr. Pickle 11 Things Have Changed Now 12 Hangin' Out (For Your Love) 13 Woodpecker Rock 14 The Drunken Hiccups
(Produced by Eric Ambel)
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