Monday, March 18, 2013

The Open Mind - The Open Mind [1969]

The Open Mind - The Open Mind [1969]:
                               THE OPEN MIND                                

As a defining point of the UK psychedelic / progressive rock crossover, the Open Mind's sole album is the perfect specimen. With a singing style rooted in the freakbeat era, rather than the operatic tenor screams hard rock ushered in, and acidic duel guitars, heavier than Those of a typical psychedelic act, The Open Mind filled the gap between the beginning of one era and the end of another. "Magic Potion" is unarguably their greatest moment. Its monotonous rhythm guitar anticipates the stoner rock of Hawkind while double bass drum Fills and doom-laden fuzz guitar ragas combine bombastic rock power with Eastern-influenced psychedelia. Magnificent! "Girl, I'm So Alone" - a remake of the lineup early Open Mind, mod band The Drag Set's "Get Out of My Way" - harks back to a 1967 feel. [AMG]

One of the best U.K. Freakbeat/Pysch el pees and one of my favs. Almost every track is a winner. A MUST for Freakbeat freaks. Surfadelic goes Psychedelic!