Friday, March 22, 2013

The World’s First ‘Self-Generating’ Digital Camera, Charges Itself

The World’s First ‘Self-Generating’ Digital Camera, Charges Itself:

Superheadz Japan has created the world’s first ‘self-generating’ digital camera.

Called ‘Sun & Cloud’, the camera is capable of generating its own electric power—meaning you’ll never have to worry about your camera batteries dying.

There are three ways to power the camera; the first is by solar panels, which collects sunlight to power the device; the second way is by producing kinetic energy via a hand crank; and lastly, the standard USB port.

Shaped like a small box, there’s a high-powered LED flash on the front and a LCD screen at the back for you to review your photos.

It comes equipped with 3-megapixel lens with three shooting modes: ‘normal’, ‘portrait’, and ‘macro’.

There’s also 15 different built-in filters for you to choose from.

The ‘Sun & Cloud’ camera is currently available here for US$199.

Check out some sample pictures below:

[via PetaPixel]