Wednesday, March 20, 2013

‘World’s Fastest Agency’ Is Twitter-Based, 24-Hour Response In A Tweet

‘World’s Fastest Agency’ Is Twitter-Based, 24-Hour Response In A Tweet:

World’s Fastest Agency (WFA) is the world’s first 100% Twitter-based ad agency.

Founded by Floyd Hayes, the former creative director of creative agency Cunning London—WFA is based on a real project Hayes encountered at Cunning, and eliminates the ho-hum presentations, meetings, negotiations, pitchings, feedback and emails.

Instead, within three-steps in 24-hours, projects would get done: clients deposit $999 via PayPal; send a 140-character brief via Twitter Direct Message to @fastestagency; and within a day, clients would receive their 140-character creative pitch as a reply.

WFA does taglines, product and service naming, communications platforms, stunts, PR concepts, experiential, social and guerrilla projects.

The New York-based service brings a new meaning to rapid, and meets the demand for quality work at quick turnarounds in advertising.

Is this a new way in the ad industry?

An example of how the ad agency’s creative model works:

[via World’s Fastest Agency]