Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3D Printing Will Make Gun Control Laws Irrelevant

Defense Distributed3D Printing Will Make Gun Control Laws Irrelevant, J.D. Tuccille Tells RT America:
Yesterday, RT America ran a
report on the impact of 3D printing on the debate over firearms and
gun control laws. RT's Marina Portnaya interviewed me for the
report, and I told her
I've written

: 3D printing has the ability to decentralize
manufacturing to the DIY level and thereby render legal
restrictions irrelevant. If prohibited or restricted items can be
created in the privacy of your home or office, the law doesn't
matter. We also discussed chemical printing and CNC machines, but
as is often the case, only a brief bit on 3D printing made it into
the report, There's no embeddable version available, but you can
the video here
. My contribution begins at the 2:58 mark.