Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can Coworking Accelerate Your Business?

Can Coworking Accelerate Your Business?:
Coworking keeps popping up everywhere you turn. Austin's coworking community is thriving on start-ups while Kenya's coworking scene inspires female techiesAustralia's recently held a conference and the Global Coworking Unconference Conference took place in Austin in March -- just to tie it all together. All told, the Global Coworking Consensus recently found an 87 percent uptick in the practice.
Working within the bounds of a coworking space combined with an unconference, the good folks over at ThreeFortyNine in Guelph, Ontario, believe they know at least one of the reasons behind the movement's momentum: Coworking Desks Accelerate Business.
In a nutshell, coworking spaces take away all of the distractions of a home office or coffee shop while providing at least some of the flexibility of telecommuting within the confines of a collaborative environment.