Tuesday, April 16, 2013

“Comparing with personal dosimeter is banned”

[Official monitoring post] “Comparing with personal dosimeter is banned”:
It’s widely known that the official monitoring posts manipulate the radiation reading to make it look less than actual.
(cf, Japanese gov admitted monitored radiation level is indicated to be 10% lower than actual [URL])
The radiation researcher of a citizen posted a video on 3/21/2013. In this video, the researcher states,
“(In Hitachi city Ibaraki) we were told not to compare the radiation readings of individual geiger counter and official monitoring post and take a video of it within the area.”
The reason is not known.
In this video, the radiation level indicated by the official monitoring post is significantly lower than the mobile geiger counter, which is already traditional. The mobile geiger counter showed 0.15 μSv/h, where the official monitoring post shows 0.05 μSv/h.
The used mobile geiger counter is rented from the city government themselves.

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