Sunday, April 7, 2013

Do You Understand The Importance of Love? | Wake Up World

Do You Understand The Importance of Love? | Wake Up World:

Guest Writer for Wake Up World
Do you understand the importance of Love? Love is the highest vibration of all. Love is Absolute. Love is pure gold. Love is Prime. Love is our very essence. No one can ever take it away from us because it is what we are. 
People only ever act out of fear or love. When they are being unloving, it is only because they are fearful. And they are fearful because they have been brought up in a world of fear. Fear is what controls us, it has been used to manipulate us. Fear keeps us small, chained up, starving, lost and crying. Fear has stifled the love that resides within us. For that love is still there. It can never leave. Our light might have become dim but it can never be snuffed out. Nothing can do that. Nothing. For our light is eternal. We carry it with us from one lifetime to the next. It is our Eternal Heart.