Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dutch Agency Designs Sturdy, Stylish 'Sandwichbike', Delivered In A Flat-Pack

Dutch Agency Designs Sturdy, Stylish 'Sandwichbike', Delivered In A Flat-Pack:

Dutch design agency Bleijh first conceptualized the Sandwichbike about seven years ago, and has not stopped improving on it since.

This year, the Sandwichbike's overall design has achieved maturation. Its unique form is comprised of two pieces of pressed plywood, connected to each other by custom-made components and a ‘conventional single speed drivetrain.’

Not to confuse the Sandwichbike with other wooden bicycles in the market, Sandwichbike designer and engineer, Ite Kigma, stressed that while they chose wood for it's overall friendly-feel, the Sandwichbike is essentially “a flat-packaged, home assembly bicycle.”

When you order the bike, it will arrive at your house in a single flat-packed box containing the ready-to-assemble parts. This allows the new owner to learn more about the anatomy and mechanics of their new smooth and sturdy bicycle.

Very much passionate about this project, Kingma also stated that, “If [one wanted] to create something, [it] should [be created] with full belief and full quality.”

Here's how the sleek Sandwichbikes look like:

The ecologically sensible bicycles are available for preorder now and is slated for delivery late this year.

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