Thursday, April 18, 2013

#Fukushima The victimized Japanese made the media corporation to take revenge against media blackout

[Notice] The victimized Japanese made the media corporation to take revenge against media blackout:
In the first few days after 311, I lost a lot of my old friends just because I said the government was lying. They thought (wanted to think) I was lying. Even though it’s become clear that the government was / is lying, they never come back.
This is what a lot of people went through after 311. As one of these people, I always tried to be a lighthouse for them.

People left Fukushima, people left Tokyo, and people left Japan, they are all going through the drastic change of their lives. Staying in Japan is desperate, but it’s also challenging to move on.

I’ve been trying to inspire them by showing me living well, sharpening my claws, and having some influence over the media.
I always wanted to be a symbol of resistance against the nuclear industry, not surrender.
All the media have their background. They can’t report something to potentially cause damage for their sponsors. Even some experts have been corrupted to change their stance since 311. I was nobody, and still I am.
Fukushima Diary started from a breakdown. The former blog I was given had a serious attack immediately after my first post and got down. However, since the very first post, it has never changed the stance. It’s been telling people to get out, it’s been always against media blackout. It has never compromised.
It’s not even sponsored by google ads. It doesn’t even have a sponsorship from a certain energy-related corporation or political organization. It’s been solely supported by donation of individual readers.
Now Fukushima Diary has become a media news company. This is the only news broadcasting company in the world to stand genuinely against all the nuclear related media blackout.

You may think why it’s not NPO.

If it’s an NPO, it’s more difficult to employ Japanese people and it has more legal restrictions in EU. Also, I wanted to fight in the same ring as most of the media companies and power companies. Including all the cost such as tenant, lawyers, translators and transporting, it wasn’t cheap for me. If I had no donation, it would have been completely impossible. That is why I was asking for donation. I couldn’t announce details of the plan for potential disturbance. Some people called me a parasite or a whinny beggar but I kept calm for this moment.
The lighthouse is extended. When I left Japan, I had only a laptop and 70,000 JPY. People told me I was going to die on the street even if I escape from radiation. Still, I’m not dead and more than that. Now Fukushima Diary is almost the only source about Fukushima, written by a victim, in English. It’s not only for the people outside of Japan, but also for Japanese themselves. They can think they are not forgotten, they are connected to the world through Fukushima Diary. We can think we are not the victims. We are the tellers and explorers.

I want them and all the anti-nuke organizations to see Fukushima Diary never break down and keeps growing in spite of all the attacks, disturbance and the shortage of all kinds of the resources & skills. I want to say, “Serves you right” to the media.
Even if it’s genuinely anti-nuke, it can be a corporation and living.
It is not only to cheer up Japanese. I hope to grow the anti-nuke sector to be an industry as powerful as nuclear industry.

Industrialization has dark sides. However, if people get to know being anti-nuke is as profitable as being involved in nuclear industry, we could meltdown their industry. It could be an incentive for nuclear workers leave the plant. They would be good whistleblowers and journalists like they did for Fairewinds.

This is how I fight.
Anti-nuclear activists, those who are concerned about Fukushima situation, everyone who feels like “the truth” is dominated. Follow me.

↓ Channel One Russia featured Fukushima Diary. This is how the Japanese man who was betrayed by the government and the media takes revenge with all your supports.