Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How To Shield Your Subculture Through Obfuscation

How To Shield Your Subculture Through Obfuscation:
Are there still ways to keep secrets online? Final Boss Form writes:
A subcultural style [cannot] be “owned”. The only way to ensure that your aesthetic is not going to become used by others is to never share it with anyone. Another approach is to protect your aesthetic with physical violence (see: gang colors). Otherwise, once you allow your presence to be seen, it can be consumed.
Most communities protect their culture through some form of obfuscation. Some of this practice is incredible.
• Tum bl r an d LJ u sers sep ar ate w ords the ough o dd spacin g in o rde r to fo ol sea rc heng i nes.

• Chinese users hide political messages in image attachments to seemingly benign posts on  Weibo.

• General Petraeus communicated solely through draft mode.

• 4chan scares away the faint of heart with porn.

• More technically astute groups communicate through obscure messaging systems.