Sunday, April 21, 2013

I tell everything I know, it’s your turn to decide to believe or not #Fukushima

[Column] I tell everything I know, it’s your turn to decide to believe or not:
If you have met me in person, probably you know I’m a deep-thinker. I’m not the type of person who keeps talking on and on and pushes everyone over.

I take a lot of time to think about a thing from all aspects. However, when I finally speak, I’m 120% of confidence.

All the things I say are my conclusions after the deep-thought or hypotheses to wait for the strong refutation. I therefore hardly change my mind and some people call me stubborn. To me, it’s not my mind, it’s my conclusion.
Once I get to a conclusion (or my hypothesis), I’m can even talk in front of a million people. If someone refutes me, I would immediately stop and change my conclusion.

This is what you are reading now -Fukushima Diary.
I’m not meant to change anything or persuade anyone.

Since 311, I’ve learnt you can’t change anyone after all.
Probably I can persuade anyone now. I have enough knowledge, but the person would come back to point A sooner or later. That’s human. We can only tell all that we know, and let them decide. If they say “No”, we can only say “Ok”.
If your resource is limited, the best way is to stop being his/her stakeholder. Step away so you won’t be affected whatever happens to him/her.
I’m also pessimistic about democracy. As long as in Japan, I haven’t seen it functioning. I find it a fantasy. You may say most of Japanese chose LDP- the pro-nuke party, so that’s what the majority of Japan chose. However actually LDP “promised” they were going to stop all the nuclear in Fukushima during their last election campaign. War is peace. freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.
The election result can be manipulated anyhow by using 1) Mass media 2) Small Electoral District under a Proportional Representation System and 3) Vote counting system called Musashi.
Again, the best thing we could do it to stop being their stakeholder. Step away. Just walk off.
This is my conclusion at this moment. That is why I’m trying to be independent from all the countries. There is no reason the entire world must be covered with “countries” and no space is allowed between the borders. You can’t fight only nuclear industry. It’s deep rooted in the whole rotten system -media, corrupted democracy, ignorance, biased education etc.. It’s like trying to fix the bad teeth of zombie. It’s not only teeth. The whole body is rotten.
I’ve been writing the articles on Fukushima Diary for nearly 2 years. Some of them are “warnings” or “hypothesis”. I made it clear to recognize. but all the rests have source. I’m 120% sure they are all true.

It’s your turn to decide to believe or not. If you don’t believe it, whatever the reason is, just don’t believe it.
From 2011/3/14 to 3/16, some people broadcast the geiger counter screen by ustream. I was watching the reading going high. Someone said it’s due to the sunshine. I believed that because I wanted to believe that. I wanted to believe that because I wasn’t prepared to escape. I had my work, pets, apt and furniture and I didn’t want to know I was being exposed. I didn’t want to know that because that would scare me.