Thursday, April 11, 2013

Infographic: So, You Wanna Be A Photographer?

Infographic: So, You Wanna Be A Photographer?:

Photography website Fotoseeds has created an interesting and useful infographic that all hobbyist photographers who are thinking about going professional should read.

Showing the transition process from amateur to professional photographer, the ‘So, You Wanna Be A Photographer’ infographic details the many problems one may face when trying to shoot pictures for a living.

From feeling insecure about your work to getting ripped off by clients, it seems like professional photography is not as easy or wonderful as many beginner shutterbugs may think.

However, if you are careful—and take note of the many tips featured in this infographic—you may be able to do what you love and live to tell the tale.

View the full infographic below to find out if you still want to be a professional photographer after learning all the hard truths of the trade.

Click on image for enlarged view

Click on image for enlarged view

[via Picture Correct]