Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jiaogulan the Chinese Herb of Immortality

Jiaogulan the Chinese Herb of Immortality: The Jiaogulan plant from the far-distant mountains of China that is so powerful that locals call it “the herb of immortality” In the Guizhou Province of China, one of the places where jiaogulan (literally, twisting-vine orchid) grows most abundantly, the natives have nicknamed the herb they regularly consume as tea “the herb of immortality.” They also credit it with their reportedly long life spans.

The list of jiaogulan’s benefits is impressive and includes its ability to:

  • Regulate cholesterol

  • Maintain healthy blood pressure levels

  • Improve digestion

  • Enhance heart muscle (especially contractility)

  • Protect and modulate the immune system

  • Protect against free radical damage

  • Regulate hormone levels in men and women

Jiaogulan may even help inhibit cancer growth. At its essence, this Chinese herb is an incredible balancing compound. If something (like your cholesterol, for instance) is higher than it should be, it lowers it. And if something is too low, it raises it.

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