Friday, April 5, 2013

Mesmerizing Photos Of The ‘Human Tower’ Competition In Spain

Mesmerizing Photos Of The ‘Human Tower’ Competition In Spain:

Last year, Spanish photographer David Oliete had the chance to photograph the ‘Concurs de Castells’—or ‘Human Tower’ competition—in his home town of Tarragona.

Held once every two years, thousands of people participate in this competition to see who can build the tallest human tower.

According to Oliete, he said that each tower is usually six to ten stories high, with at least 100 to 500 men, women and children forming one tower.

The younger and lighter members usually form the top of the tower, while the heavier members form the base.

During the competition last year, Oliete managed to capture beautiful and mesmerizing photos from a unique, almost aerial perspective.

Through his pictures, you can see hundreds of human bodies pushed forward—forming interesting woven-like patterns—as they struggle to construct massive human towers.

You can check out more of his photos here.

[via This Is Colossal]